Photos and Fun


obama at ccc obamaccc
President Barack Obama (who was then Candidate Obama) visited Clinton Community College on March 10, 2007
Biden Keefer Nichols Smaller clintoninclinton
Vice President Joe Biden dropped in on us in 2012.  He is talking to Gus Keefer and Highland Nichols.
Hillary Clinton visited the Clinton ball park for one of our fundraisers. That is Polly Bukta right behind her.
Roller Blade ObamaPardee
Maggie Stafford, rolling through the Clinton July 4 parade.  We have a lot of fun at parades.
Clinton County Democratic Chair Jean Pardee and Friend.
Rita Hart and Float Clinton Smaller Wolfe Clinton Smaller
More fun at parades: State Senator Rita Hart at the July 4 parade in Clinton.
Our State Representative Mary Wolfe also having fun at a parade with friends and relatives.
Van Lancker FB Parade Tricycles and Clown FB Cropped
Clinton County Auditor Eric Van Lancker is often helped out at parades and other events by his family members.
No one ever photobombs our parade pictures.
MeandHillary dwtprd07banners
Well, that’s me.  You know which one.  Oh, and I once took a selfie with Hillary Clinton.
In our parades, we always have our banners.  This is a July 4 parade in DeWitt.
Bernie and Jay Smaller Support Public Workers Camanche
Senator Bernie Sanders came to our Hall of Fame Dinner in 2014.
At a summer parade in Camanche, we are showing support for public workers.
Maggie at Election 2012 C Group - Copy
Maggie Potthoff helped us win a couple of elections here in the county. She is coming in from knocking on doors on a cold November night.
Maggie Stafford  and Jay Saxon held a fundraising event for their campaigns at the 392 coffee shop in Clinton.  County Chair Jean Pardee is talking to Jay.