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Caucus 2024

What to Expect:

The 2024 caucuses will be very different than past presidential years.

There will be much smaller crowds, no presidential vote, no realignment, and no math. We will simply do the party business we do in midterm years – electing central committee members, electing unpledged delegates, and discussing the platform.

Most locations will have multiple precincts in the building. We will meet in a large group for preliminary activities, then break into precincts to conduct business. There will likely be an experienced activist on site to help if you need help.

Caucus attendees can begin arriving at 6 PM at all locations.  You must be signed-in or in line to sign-in by 7 PM.  No late attendees will be admitted.


  • Sign In

  • Sign Candidate Nomination Papers
    - Potential Candidate Speeches

  • Get-Out-The-Vote Update

  • Upcoming Dates

  • Precinct Session Break-Out

Precinct Caucus Business:

  • Elect Permanent Caucus Chair & Secretary

  • Elect Clinton County Precinct Central Committee Members

  • Elect County Convention Delegates and Alternates

  • Elect Convention Committee on Committees Members & Alternates
    - Committee on Committees:  Arrangements, Credentials, Rules
    - You must be a member or alternate to be on a committee

  • Elect County Convention Platform Committee Members & Alternates
    - You must be a member or alternate to be on a committee

  • Accept Party Platform Resolutions

  • Ratification of the Entire Caucus

  • Reminder to request Presidential Preference Card through IDP
    - On-line form here

  • Caucus adjourns

Presidential Preference Card requests are now open!
Follow the link to request your Presidential Preference Card online, to download a printable form to mail in, or to learn more about the process:
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